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Authentic Native American Made Jewelry

The Cha' Tullis Gallery houses the largest selection of Native made sterling silver and turquoise jewelry in the state of Oklahoma.

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Cha' Tullis Original Creations

Multi~medium artist Cha' Tullis creates paintings, sculptures, jewelry and reproduction artifacts. His images are available in a wide variety of products ranging from original pieces to coffee cups and t-shirts

Cha' Tullis Creations

Gift and Treasures

View our  everchanging selection of Native American and Southwest themed merchandise.  

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Love, love, love this wonderful place. They have so many items to choose from. Lots of handmade items such as beautiful jewelry, awesome beadwork and leather items. Oh, I could just go on and on. You always find 'must haves' at Cha' Tullis Gallery.  


I  brought my friend in with me today. I have been telling everyone about this shop! Wonderful smells, sounds and creations... left with some incense and a humming bird. I will be back!!! Most peaceful place in town. 


You just can't visit Osage County and your visit be complete without a stop in the Cha' Tullis Gallery...It's Native American at its best. It's cultural and it's casual; it's amazing as well as inspiring...must-see in Osage County, Oklahoma. 


Artist Cha' Tullis

Cha' Tullis Gallery